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Galgo Español the Spanish Grey Hound : Dog Breed : Photo : Information


Galgo Español the Spanish Grey Hound


The Galgo Español or called the Spanish galgo is a very old breed of greyhound going back centuries and has been seen in the art of the middle ages. It is thought that the English greyhound might be progenitor of this breed. They hunt by sight and their main purpose was for hare coursing because of their speed and endurance at running.

Though they appear to look like a normal greyhound they are in fact smaller, lighter with a longer tail and longer neck line.

As with Greyhounds in general they are gentle and laid back in temperament and sleep a lot. Very good with children and surprisingly cats. They tend to be shy and need socialising well when young. They will need a lot of exercise to keep them fit and alive.

As with greyhound racing dogs there is a big problem in the abandonment of Galgo's when they have outlived their usefulness after just a couple or so years. They require an honest commitment to give them a decent way of live.

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