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Everything - 1

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Cuteness - 1

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Photo of a Pomeranian Dog


Photo of a Pomeranian Dog

The Pomeranian is a breed of a dog in the spitz family, named from the Pomerania region of Poland and eastern Germany and classified as a toy dog breed on account of its small size.///

Tucker the Pomeranian dog won't get off bed!

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The Pomeranian originated from the sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland, which were eventually brought into Europe in Pomerania. This region, bordered on the north by the Baltic Sea, has been under the control of the Celts, Slavonic, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Prussia, at various times. This region extends from the west of the Ruegen Island to the Vistula river—there it became popular both as a pet and working dog. The name Pomore or Pommern, meaning "on the sea" was given to the district about the time of Charlemagne.


Breeders in Pomerania improved the coat and bred the dogs down for city living, but they were still 20 pounds or more when they reached England.

English breeders, through trial and error and Mendelian theories, are credited for reducing the dog's size and developing the many colours. The Pomeranian of today is small due to selective breeding, but the breed still retains the hardy disposition and thick coat typical of dogs in cold climates.

Queen Charlotte first introduced the the Pomeranian to English nobility, however; the Pom gained international popularity when her granddaughter—Queen Victoria returned from vacation in Florence, Italy with a Pomeranian named Marco.

The closest relatives of the Pomeranian are the Norwegian Elkhound, the Samoyed, the Schipperke, and the whole Spitz group.

An orange-sable Pomeranian


An orange-sable Pomeranian


At an average of 3 to 7 lb (1.4 to 3.2 kg) according to AKC standards, the Pomeranian (Pom) is the most diminutive of the northern breeds.

The head of the Pomeranian is wedge-shaped, making it somewhat foxy in appearance. The ears are small and set high. Its tail is characteristic of the breed and should be turned over the back and carried flat, set high.

The Pom's coat is its glory, two coats, an undercoat and a top coat; the first is soft, thick, and fluffy; the latter is long, straight and coarse. The undercoat is shed once a year by males, by intact females when they are in season, after delivering a litter, and during times of stress.


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The AKC recognizes thirteen colours or colour combinations: black, black & tan, blue, blue & tan, chocolate, chocolate & tan, cream, cream sable, orange, orange sable, red, red sable, and sable. The dogs that have 2 or more colors (usually mostly white, with others), are called "Parti-Color". The AKC also recognizes five "alternative" colours: Beaver, brindle, chocolate sable, white, and wolf sable.

One breed standard calls for a cobby, balanced dog. A cobby dog is as long or shorter than he is tall; try to picture him as a circle in a square. A balanced Pomeranian fits together logically and in proportion. For instance, a small, delicately boned Pom with a large head looks unbalanced because his head type doesn't match his body type. A balanced Pom displays legs in proportion to his body: neither so short as to make him appear dumpy nor so long as to make him look like he is walking on stilts.

This standard also calls for an expression that imparts great intelligence, showing that the Pom has an alert character and that he behaves accordingly. The pom's alertness makes him a superb watchdog.

Ponta the Pomeranian Dog


Ponta the Pomeranian

Other names Zwergspitz; Spitz nain; Spitz enano; Pom; Zwers
Nicknames Pom
Country of origin Germany and Poland



The Pomeranian is an active dog who is intelligent, courageous, and a loyal companion. The Pomeranian may not interact well with small children, and due to its small size can suffer abuse from children.

Pomeranians have proven themselves to be excellent watchdogs by announcing intruders with loud, sharp barks.

The Pomeranian easily adapts to life in the city, and is an excellent dog for country living with its strong hunting instincts from its wild ancestors.


Pomeranians are generally a healthy, hardy, and long-lived breed—often, Poms often live 12 to 16 years or so.

The most common problem in Pomeranians is luxating patella. Also Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease and Hip Displasia can occur, but are rarer in this small breed. Patent Ductus Arteriosus (a heart disease) and collapsing trachea have become serious problems in Poms. Dry eye, tear duct disorders and cataracts that can appear in young adulthood and often lead to blindness are also common. Skin diseases are quite common, especially allergies (that oten leads to acute moist dermatitis or "hot spots") and follicular dysplasia (also known as alopecia X). Other problems that occur regularly include hypothyroidism, epilepsy, and hypoglycemia. Occasionally, hydrocephalus can occur in Pom puppies. Poms, like many Toy breeds, are prone to bad teeth and harmless episodes of reverse sneezing.

Grooming Tips

Coat care for the Pomeranian is similar to the Pekingese. A daily or twice weekly brushing is essential to keep the thick, plush coat, which sheds seasonally, free of mats. Regular ear and nail care is recommended, along with peak seasonal bathing. Also, twice or if you want more weekly teeth brushing is recommended.


In Literature

Beatrix Potter, who wrote and illustrated the famous and much loved "Peter Rabbit" books, also wrote a story about a black Pomeranian, Duchess. In The Pie and The Patty Pan, the little Pomeranian is invited over to her cat-friend's house for tea. Feeling certain her friend will be serving mouse pie, Duchess goes to considerable lengths and gets herself in quite a pickle to avoid having to eat mouse while at the same time trying not to offend her friend. "The Pie and The Patty Pan" is Number 17 in the Beatrix Potter book series.


In Movies

The 2006 movie Superman Returns features two Orange-Sable Pomeranians.



Celebrities who own Pomeranians

  • Mischa Barton (Ziggy)
  • Fran Drescher (Esther Drescher and Chester Drescher)
  • Ozzy Osbourne's family (Mr. chips)
  • Sharon Osbourne (Minnie)
  • Nicole Richie (Foxxy Cleopatra)
  • Paris Hilton (Prince)
  • Elvis (Sweet Pea)
  • Samantha Mumba (Foxy)
  • Geri Halliwell (Daddy)
  • Hilary Duff (Macy)
  • Haylie Duff (Bentley and Griffin)
  • Sandra Bullock (Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Pimperl)
  • Liza Minnelli (Austin Powers)
  • Keanu Reeves (Fluffy)
  • Jessica Alba (Lucky)
  • Carrot Top (Jessica Alba)
  • Michael Taglieri (Choodles)
  • Emma Connolly (Teddy Pom Pom)
  • Bill Cosby (Luther)
  • John Smith (Black Eyed Pea aka Fluff aka Kujo)
  • Slash (Foxy)

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Pictures of your dog wanted

Send a picture of your dog attached to this Email, tell us a little about him or her and we will show it here.


I.  Have 4. Wonderful. Poms. 2. Boys. 2. Gals. They are. The. Most. Loyal. Breed. Of dog. I have. Ever. Owed. I could not and would.  Not. Ever. Do without. Them. There names. Are. Pom pom.  Me me. Coco. And bam bam.  Julie from manchester

hello!! i like your dogs very much they where very beautiful!! from johanna! in sweden

theyyyyy are soo CUTE



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