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Bee the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bee the Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Daisy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Daisy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Podz the English Pointer Dog and pups Podz the English Pointer and pups
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Fred - Glen of Imaal Terrier ? Fred - Glen of Imaal Terrier ?

Jasper the Old English Sheep Dog

Jasper the Old English Sheep Dog

Jake - Old English Sheep Dog

Jake - Old English Sheep Dog

Buddy the Golden Doodle

Question: Is this a Welsh Terrier ?

Two mixed breed dogs : Scooby and Kiara

Remo the English Bull Dog

Remo the English Bull Dog

Jewels - Great Dane Puppy

Jewels - Great Dane Puppy

Bonny Jean the Mini Bull Terrier

Bonny Jean the Mini Bull Terrier

Zoey the Black Labrador Retriever

Zoey the Black Labrador Retriever

Sonny the Jack Russell Terrier

Sonny the Jack Russell Terrier

Rufus the Jack Russell cross Border Terrier

Rufus the Jack Russell cross Border Terrier

Rocky the Snoodle puppy dog

Rocky the Schnoodle puppy

Sassy the Yorkie

Sassy the Yorkshire Terrier

Harvey the Goldendoodle

Harvey the Goldendoodle

Jake the Siberian Husky Puppy

Jake the Siberian Husky Puppy

Libby the Yorkshire Terrier

Libby the Yorkshire Terrier

Chloe the mutt

Chloe the Mutt

Beagles Lucy and Lou

Lucy and Lou the Beagles

Munch the Yorkshire Terrier

Joanna's Yorkie Munch

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Mollie the Golden

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Shap, Fell and Bree the Border Collies

Muffin the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Dog

Muffin the Cavie

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Love - 13

A Friend - 7

Fun - 7

Companionship - 5

Playing - 6

Loyal - 3

Personality - 3

Unconditional Love - 2

Good with Children - 2

Niceness - 1

Awesomeness - 1

Everything - 1

Being there 4 U - 1

Training - 1

Growing up 2gether - 1

Going to the Park - 1

Cuteness - 1

Good Breeding - 1

Guard Dog - 1

My Hero - 1

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An undocked Rottweiler in profile


An undocked Rottweiler in profile


The breed is black with distinctly defined tan markings on the cheeks, muzzle, chest, legs, and eyebrows. The marks on the chest should form two distinct upside-down triangles; a tiny patch of white in between is allowable The cheeks should have clearly defined spots that should be separate from the muzzle tan. The muzzle tan should continue over the throat. Each eyebrow should have a spot. Markings on the legs should not be above a third of the leg. On each toe should be a black 'pencil' mark. Underneath the tail should also be tan.///

Comment "I lost my rottweiler dog some 20years ago now, but never ever forget him......"

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Nails are black. Inside the mouth, the cheeks may have black patches, although the tongue is pink. The skull is typically massive, but without excessive jowls. The forehead is wrinkly when the Rottweiler is alert.

A Rottweilers's eyes are a warm, dark brown—any other colour may not be acceptable as part of the "pure breed". The expression should be calm, intelligent, alert, and fearless. The ears are small drop ears that lie flat to the head. 'Flying' ears are considered undesirable by some breeders. The coat is medium length and consists of a waterproof undercoat and a coarse top coat. It is low maintenance, although experiences shedding during certain periods of the year.

The story of Lexie the Rottweiler

I have a 10 month old rottwieler, who i got at 8 weeks old called Lexie. She is a very good girl who is very placid,, always answers & just adores our 7 year old daughter Tilly !!!

On Wednesday 29th Dec 2010 she seemed to have a sore back leg, we took her to the vet who gave her an injection of antibiotics, as she had a temperature, and they also gave her an injection of pain killers, saying she'd be "bouncing about" by 6pm. Unfortunately, she wasn't "bouncing about", infact she was yelping in pain when she sat down or stood up !!!!

All thru the night she was yelping in pain & i felt so helpless as i cudnt do anything for her except sit with her rubbing her ears, her fave thing. & praying for morning to arrive. Finally when the vet opened i carried her into my car. drove her there & demanded that a vet see her straight away.

They admitted Lexie as she had deteriorated so much overnight, done blood tests on her, which thankfully all came back clear. only to tell me she had MENINGITIS !!!! cudnt believe it, was heartbroken !!!!

They kept her in & told me they wud ring me first thing in morning, (NEW YEARS EVE) They rang & SAID SHE RESPONDED WELL TO TREATMENT & wud ring me later in day,

FINALLY, they rang & sed i cud pick up Lexie at 3.15pm & take her home. I cried tears of relief knowing my baby had made it & when vets told me she was so ill that they didn't think she wud make it thru the night i cried even more.

LEXIE came home on NEW YEARS EVE & although she's got to have weekly check-ups for at least another month. & ive got a nice big vet bill. im so so happy that my baby girl has made it !!!!! HAPPY 2011 TO YOU ALL X X X X X

Thanks for the story and very glad that Lexie got through it all :-)

Naturally, Rottweilers are a tailed dog. Tails were originally removed to prevent breakage and infection that would occur when the tail became covered in mud and other debris collected from pastures and livestock. Today, many owners decide to have the tails removed soon after the puppies' birth for purely cosmetic reasons. The tail is usually docked to the first joint. Although this is a commonly accepted practice, many people and organizations believe it to be cruel and unnecessary; it must be noted that there is debate about the degree of suffering experienced by a characteristically pain-tolerant breed at such an early age.

The chest is deep and should reach the Rottie's elbows, giving tremendous lung capacity. The back should be straight; never sloping. The Rottweiler stands 25 to 27 inches (63-68 cm) at the withers for males, and 23 to 25 inches (58-63 cm) for females. Weight is usually between 90 and 110 lb (41-50 kg) but can be even higher.

The head of a Rottweiler


The head of a Rottweiler


A well-trained and socialized Rottweiler can provide the right owner with a great deal of exercise and loving companionship. They are usually quick to learn and have a strong desire to please their owners. They are intelligent, to the point that they shouldn't be left to their own devices, and are happiest when mentally stimulated. Despite this, they can also be strong willed at times, and should be taught in a firm, consistent manner. This is generally a calm breed. That said, they are playful animals, usually very excited at the first sign of fun. Rottweiler's thrive on attention from their owners and need their people to be happy. If a Rottie has been neglected excessively, it will usually strive, creatively, to get the owner's attention.

The Rottie is not usually a barker: he is a silent watcher who notices everything. The female, however, may become a problem barker in order to protect her den. In the event the dog feels threatened, he tends to go very still before attacking, and there is no warning growl. This is one of the breed's characteristics that lends itself to the reputation of being unreliable. An observant owner, however, is usually able to recognize when the Rottie perceives a threat. When the dog barks, it is more of a sign of annoyance with external factors (car alarms or other disturbances) rather than threats.

The Rottweiler is typically a dominant dog, and they can resort to aggressiveness in unfamiliar situations. The Rottie's large size and incredible strength make this an important point to consider, and for this reason the Rottweiler is a breed that only experienced dog owners should consider. Early socialization with as many people, animals, and situations as possible is very important in order to produce a dog that is tolerant of strangers.


The breed is an ancient one, and its history stretches back to the Roman Empire. In those times, the legions travelled with their meat on the hoof and required the assistance of working dogs to herd the cattle. One route the army travelled was through Württemberg and on to the small market town of Rottweil.

This region eventually became an important cattle area, and the descendants of the Roman cattle dogs proved their worth in both droving and protecting the cattle from robbers and wild animals. It would be a brave villain who would try to remove the purse around the neck of a Rottweiler Metzgershund (Butcher's Dog of Rottweil).

However, by the end of the 19th Century, the breed had declined so much that in 1900 there was only one female to be found in the town of Rottweil. But the build up to the World War I saw a great demand for "police dogs," and that led to a revival in interest for the Rottweiler. Its enormous strength, its intelligence, and its ability to take orders made it a natural weapon of war.

From that time, it has become popular with dog owners, and in 1935 the breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. In 1936, Rottweilers were exhibited in Britain at Crufts. In 1966, a separate register was opened for the breed.

Rottweiler's of the most esteemed breeders have been proven to be the best and most efficient guard dogs in the world.


Famous Rotties

  • Muzzle/Scout and Gerta from Road Rovers
  • Good Dog Carl
  • "Snot" (from the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie)
  • "Missy" of Joss Stone
  • "Max" from the Punisher comic book
  • "Dracula" of Phil Anselmo
  • The Unnamed-satanic Rottweiler (s)which played the role in Protecting Damien from everybody who was trying to stop him, in the famous Horror film The Omen

Dog attacks

In recent years, the breed has received some negative publicity, primarily due to a lack of understanding of the breed and canine nature on the part of the owner, and indiscriminate breeding on the part of the breeder. Unscrupulous breeders have produced dogs with highly aggressive tendencies and some owners have used the dogs to boost their macho images. Other owners may acquire a Rottie for a family pet, but neglect to properly socialize and train the animal, resulting in a dangerous, unpredictable dog who makes the rules.

Despite the media's fascination with Rottweiler's who run afoul of canine behavioural standards, people who have experience with properly raised individuals can attest to the Rottweiler's friendliness and often clownish nature. In fact, the FCI standard calls for a dog that is fond of children. Nevertheless, this breed is not for the inexperienced or uninvolved dog owner, or anyone who lacks the physical strength to handle the Rottweiler.

As a result of bad press, some German Länder put the Rottweiler on an index of so called "dangerous dogs". This includes Bavaria, Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Visitors and residents must obey the local muzzling and leash-length laws.


  • The International Encyclopedia of Dogs; Stanley Dangerfield and Elsworth Howell (editors), Pelham Books, London, 1985. ISBN 072071561x

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Pictures of your dog wanted

Send a picture of your dog attached to this Email, tell us a little about him or her and we will show it here.


I lost my rottweiler dog some 20years ago now, but never ever forget him, he was by Gardona Galahad ex Poirot Jezebelle.Gardona Galahad won the working group at Crufts 1985! Anyhow apart from that my boy was the best dog I have ever had and I still cry for him, always love him
I have a large male rotty called logan who is an amazing dog.. when i injured my back he helped me pick things up off the floor he also learnt very quickly and got the washing out of the machine.. he is amazing, he hates anyone being or behaving aggressively if my boys play fight it upsets him and he'll push them apart lol also if any man or women was to raise a hand in an aggressive way he throws his body forward making a lot of noise but never has ever hurt anyone.. it is amazing how he instinctively wants to protect he can read people to the point I'm stunned he especially hates it if he smells alcohol on someone he'll growl and move away lol they are a breed apart from other dogs he truly is an asset to my family
Rottweiler's are overall a great breed of dog, and after owning them i never want to even see another dog for a really long time .. they are really gorgeous dogs that are obedient and like little humans :)
we have a rottwieller rescue dog called sam, he is the most loving, soft, but highly intelligent dog I've ever owned, he is fantastic with my 8 year old son who has become his best friend. he loves a cuddle off my wife, and loves his belly to be rubbed. we wouldn't swap him for the world. how anyone can say these are nasty, vicious, dogs is beyond me
We have a rottie called Fred and he is wonderful.  He follows my six year old everywhere and adores her.  He is a lovely family pet who, despite his size, loves nothing better than lying in my arms and having a belly-rub!  His only fault is very noxious gas!

I have a Rottwieler called Sammie and she is very placid dog i ave add no probs with my dog i love her to bets ,and she is caring loving dog.

i have a rottwieler called ted ,he is the most placid dog i have ever owned, it is irresponsible people that turn these dogs into aggressive angry dangerous animals, my ted is controlled, never been hit, knows right from wrong, is always supervised and if he steps out of line which is very rare he is taught through love care and patience till his mistake is corrected. people are to blame for bad dogs, people who get them for the purpose of being the big i am. I love my rottwieler for what he is, a clever intelligent caring loving dog, these dogs need love, lots of care social bonding training , and a loving home. you can't get these dogs and just keep them in a yard ,



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