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Finnish Lapphund for Herding Reindeer

Published by John in dog · 27/1/2013 18:31:08

Finnish Lapphund Dog

The Finnish Lapphund breed of dog comes from Finland and is very popular in the other Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe, namely Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden.

It's first primary purpose in life was herding reindeer, being a strong, medium sized dog. It has coat of hair that is two layers thick enabling it to sleep outside in the winter because of it's high insulating properties with the added bonus of its coat being water proof. This makes them ideal dogs for going outside in the cold and wet.

They are very active dogs with high intelligence and do well in obedience and agility trails, making them also good therapy dogs.

They mix well with children and other family members being known for their gentle nature.

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